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Power Supply
More power in a compact, easy- to-install package.

Available in either a 5 volt or a 24 volt version, this supply can deliver 4 Amps (at 5V) or 1.5 Amps (at 24V) to get you that extra bit of power that you need. With a wide range of acceptable input voltages, anything from 85 to 264 VAC (45 to 65 Hz) or 110 to 350 VDC, it's usable in virtually all industrial applications. Transient surge protection is built-in to reduce faults caused by ESD, power-up transients or phase errors. It also has 100% reserve capacity for startup or overload conditions.

The small footprint (only 58mm deep) of this DIN Rail (EN 50 022, 35mm x 7.5mm) mountable power supply makes it easy to fit into small enclosures. It couldn't be simpler to install. With DIN rail mounting, it's a snap to put it right into your existing cabinet.

Voltage Range 85-264 V AC 110-350 V DC
Frequency (AC) 45-65 Hz
Transient surge protection Varistor
Internal fuse 1.25 Amps to protect power supply
Voltage tolerance +/- 1%
Nominal output current 4.0 Amps (5V supply) 1.5 Amps (24V supply)
Operating temperature 0 to +55 Deg C
Storage temperature -40 to +85 Deg C