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SA100R Rotary Display Specifications
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Price $510.00
P/N: 60012-005

Availability: Call the Order Department at 1-800-350-2727 from 7:00AM to 5:00PM PST Monday through Friday to check quantity available.



SA100R Rotary Digital Display
This versatile 7-digit display reads out in degrees/minutes/seconds (DMS) or decimal degrees. Resolutions up to 0.001 degree are selectable from the front panel.

The SA100(R) accepts a 5VDC standard differential quadrature signal from either linear or rotary incremental encoders. Incremental and absolute operating modes are available. The SA100(R) also features an auxiliary reference input, allowing integration of an independent reference marker from a remote switch. The SA100(R) comes with its own 12VDC power supply which operates on 115 VAC line voltage.

A Setup Mode allows front panel programming of:

  • Display Resolution
  • Axis Resolution
  • Count Direction
  • Signal Error Detection
  • Referencing
  • Error Compensation
  • Scale Factors

SA100R Connections

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