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Buy M18 Cable Assembly 10-Pin Connector
M18 Cable Assembly Specifications PDF
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Availability: Call the Order Department at 1-800-350-2727 from 7:00AM to 5:00PM PST Monday through Friday to check quantity available.


M18 Cable Assembly
This cable assembly is built using high quality custom BEI standard cable consisting of four, low capacitance twisted pairs (AWG 24) with an overall shield, provides excellent noise immunity. Extra large conductors (AWG 20) for power and signal ground, all within an abrasion-resistant PVC jacket create a durable cable for a variety of applications.

Cable Description
  • Tinned copper, PVC insulated, overall foil aluminum-polyester shield.
    24 AWG stranded tinned copper drain wire
  • Overall Tinned copper braid shield (65% coverage)
  • Gray PVC jacket
Conductors Description
  • 4 twisted pairs, AWG per table below
  • Nominal impedance: 100 OHM
  • Nominal Capacitance between conductors: 12.5pF/FT
  • Nominal capacitance between one conductor and other conductors connected to shield: 22pF/FT
Outline Drawing
M18 Cable Assembly Outline Drawing
Wire Terminations
M18 Cable Assembly Wire Ternimnations